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Mabinogi: Fantasy Life


Description: Mabinogi is a role-playing game set in a fantasy world.
Mabinogi offers a multitude of skills to develop and a generally high
level of diversity among players, skills, and environments.

The game engine features cell-shaded graphics, which enhance the
anime-looking characters. The game world is developed continuously,
through the release of important patches (referred to as "Generations"
and "Chapters") that introduce new areas, features and advance the
storyline. The user interface is familiarly simple and designed in the
likeness of Microsoft Windows' task bar, allowing the player to access
most game panels with ease (experienced players can also make use of
keyboard shortcuts, to simplify certain tasks).
Official Website:
Download: 858MB
Status: Beta

DOMO (Dream of Mirror Online)


Description: Based on ancient Chinese mythology, Dream of Mirror
Online is a world that features sacred artifacts. Central to the story is
the sacred artifact "the Kunlun Mirror". According to the legends, the
Kunlun Mirror not only created the world, but also has the power to
destroy it.

The Kunlun Mirror was originally created to record everything.
The Kunlun Mirror reflects the real world and saves a copy of
everything over to the Kunlun Mirror world. Time does not exist
in the Kunlun Mirror world, only in memories. The managers of
the Kunlun Mirror world, the Twelve Mirror Kings, are responsible
for the care and operation of the Kunlun Mirror world.
Official website
Download: 1GB
Status: Beta

Holic Online

holic online

Official website
Download: 953MB
Status: Beta

Asda Story

asda story

Description: Asda Story is based on a colorful, bright, and cheerful
world, it is an easy game where monsters with strong
characteristics are featured.
Official website
Download: 602.5MB
Status: Beta

Fiesta Online


Description: Fiesta features a cute anime style look with characters
rendered in a 3D manner. Likewise, the monsters and NPCs are depicted
in a similar cartoonish style. Currently, Fiesta uses two character models
(one male, one female) for each of the four classes. Players are given a
specific style of clothing based on their chosen class (Fighter, Cleric,
Archer, or Mage) and can choose between three different hair styles
and three (very similar) hair colors. There is only one face to select
per character class. Players may alter the appearance of their character
by purchasing a Beauty Shop Coupon from the Fiesta Store, the game's
online item mall. The Beauty Shop unlocks 10 hairstyles, 10 hair colors
and 10 face types. One Beauty Shop Coupon allows one permanent
change to each of the previous options.
Official website
Download: 608MB
Status: F2P

Cabal Online(US)

cabal online

Description: An evil entity known as CABAL decimated the once
properous Nevareth with a fury and destruction never seen before.
The land was left barren, with survivors scattered across the land and
all hope seemed lost. Amidst the devastation, seven great masters rose up,
wielding the ancient abilities of the Force Power. Their teachings shielded
the survivors from the CABAL and allowed them to rebuild.
Centuries later, man had all but forgotten their oppressive beginnings,
and the teachings of the seven masters. Now, nearly a thousand years
later, the CABAL returns with a new plan to finish what it had begun.
Breeding a child king to rise up and cleanse the land of all mankind.
The CABAL's evil is poised for its final battle. It is up to you to challenge
CABAL and unlock the Force Power within. Will you protect the good
men and women of Nevareth like your predecessors before you? It is
up to you! Your destiny awaits.
Tread lightly, with hundreds of NPCs in Nevareth, friends and foes are
not easily discrnable. You'll find that your friends can turn on you and
sworn enemies may very well be the key to your survival...
Official website:
Download: 837MB
Status: Beta



Description: ArchLord - Set in the world of Chantra, this game is an
epic fantasy mix, featuring lush in game graphics and a soft sensual
soundtrack brilliantly scored by the London Symphony Orchestra.
ArchLord brings together all the elements that make MMOs so enjoyable
but with a unique hook, the chance to rule the in game world and with it
receive a range of benefits.

The world of Chantra is designed around the five elements, fire, spirit,
earth, water and air providing all the areas with very unique and distinctive
looks. As you move through the world from the dark expanses of the Orc
home world through to the bright, light marble of the human world you
will find yourself constantly drawn into to this lush and vivid environment.

Players are able to play as one of three unique races including Humans,
Moon Elf’s and Orcs and within each race they will be able to choose
from one of eight different classes depending on their chosen race. Each
of these classes will have a host of unique features that players will need
to master in order to become true masters of their class, this will present
a challenge to both new and seasoned players alike.

One of the most appealing features is it’s ability to accommodate both the
hardcore PvP fan as well as those looking for more solo action in a quest
based game. Players will find themselves able to take part in massive real
time battles between guilds accommodating hundreds of players. Or for
those that wish to engage in more solo based play they will be able to
partake in an extensive range of quests to explore the world and level
their skills.

There is more to ArchLord than just the above, there are many
features of the game that you really must experience first hand
to get a feel for the depth and quality that this game offers.
ArchLord has something for everyone, but do you have
what it takes to become the ArchLord?
Official website
Download: 1.4GB
Status :F2P

2 Moons

2 moons

Description: They called it The Corruption, those charged with the
telling of the story. When the two moons aligned, the exiled king, Rictus,
bid his magician open the gate and unleash the pestilence of the Pitborn
and their dark ruler Abaddon upon Haran, The Immortal Land. In his
hubris, Rictus thought he might control them, that he might herald his
conquering of Haran on the crest of a black wave of the accursed. But
there could be no alliance with Abaddon, the lord of the pit whose blessing
is pain, whose enchantment is the wage of sorrow. He bound Rictus in the
darkness of the abyss and every time a man fell to claw, tooth or blade,
every time a woman or child burned to black flesh, choked to blue or
starved to sallow skin, Rictus died their death and lived to die again.
This for all eternity, for such was the will of Abaddon.
Official website
Download: 895MB
Status: Beta

Twelve Sky Online

twelve sky

Description: Twelve Sky is an oriental style, martial arts based
Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).
Located in ancient China, Twelve Sky puts players in the middle
of an age old conflict between three warring factions. Choose your
side in a quest for honor and power. Wage a never ending battle
to obtain ancient holy relics that will help destroy all that oppose you.

* - Natural martial arts movements using motion capture technology
* - Robust large-scale fast-paced Player vs. Player (PvP) battle system
* - A large variety of authentic weapons and thousands of unique items
* - Elaborate weapon and armor enhancing system
* - Regularly updated content
* - Exclusive abilities never before seen in any MMORPG

Battle System

The game features a battle system that is both solo and party friendly.
Monsters are easier to defeat than in most MMORPG's which gives the
player more opportunities to explore instead of just grinding. When you
do spend time fighting Non-playing Characters (NPCs), there are a few
features that make things a little more interesting. One is the 'Parts System'
that allows your character to hit the upper, middle, and lower body parts
of enemies resulting in different death animations. After you get some
fighting practice in, heads will definitely roll.

Player vs. Player (PvP)

The game is designed around making an intense PvP experience for
players. When you create a character, you swear allegiance to a clan,
and you must do everything in your power to expand its power.
This generally means joining the various clan battles constantly raging
across the land. Be careful though, even if your clan is beating another in
battle, a third clan may take you by surprise.


The battle system is based around the mastery of various martial art skills.
Skill points are earned after each new level, which can be used to learn
new moves or master the ones you have. Not all skills are based on combat.
Like a ninja, you must learn to leap from rooftop to rooftop to avoid
detection, or cross chasms to reach advanced areas. It will take more
than brawn to fulfill your destiny.
Official website
Download: 785.1MB
Status: F2P



Description: Some of the features you can look forward to seeing in Shaiya:

* 1500 vs 1500 - The ultimate Realm vs. Realm combat.
* Bootleggery - Sell items to the opposing faction in the secret warehouse.
* Challenges - Sick of someone's trash talk? Request a battle with a member
of your own realm.
* Arena Fights - Enter the grand arena and take your fight to a new level.
* Goddess Blessing - Crushing the enemy doesn't just feel good, but it helps
your side.
* Guild Events - Guild vs. Guild combat, Guild vs. Monster combat, and the
upcoming Willows Trial!
* Quests, Mounts, Executions, Boss Fights, Dungeons, Demons, Dragons,
and more...
Official website
Download: 953.7MB
Status: F2P

Seal Online

seal online

Description:Seal Online is mostly a point-and-click MMORPG; movement, combat, and many other commands are all controlled by mouse. The player can choose from 7 different classes to start with. However, if the player chooses to start with the Beginner, he can
choose to job change into the other 6 classes when he reaches Level 10.

Seal Online's travel system uses a method called 'Warp Gates'.
These gates, located in various towns, allow the player to move to
other maps. You may use scrolls, set revive points, use the Wagon
Driver NPC, or just type out a Teleport command for a small fee to
warp to different maps.
Official website:
Download: 600MB
Status: F2P

RF Online

rf online

Description: The game is centered on the conflict between 3
races (descendants of the now extinct human race) in their bid to
control precious resources, and their desire to advance their
respective agendas through any means necessary. There are three different races:

Accretia - A race of cyborgs who were forced to turn to artificial
bodies due to the harsh environment on their home planet.
Now they have forsaken flesh in their pursuit of perfection
and they scorn every flesh being in the universe. Their metallic
bodies are the toughest in the game and their technology is
the most superior but they have no access to magic.
Reestablished as The Empire, Accretia entered the
Novus conflict against both Cora and Bellato.

HolyStoneKeeper HolyStoneKeeper is a very big monster that only appeared if you join the chipwar.HolyStoneKeeper is very tough.
It has a lot of attack and defense.Many Armies(Blue,Red,Black)
from Bellato will not be easy beating the HolyStoneKeeper.
It can attacks with long and near range that it will use its
forced hand and breath of fire.

Blue MAU and Blue SIEGE MODE - It is the newest update of
RF-online which is very strong.It is the toughest of
MAU and SIEGE MODE.You can uprade it while you are
Lv 40 -Lv 60.
Official website:
Download: 1.5GB
Status: F2P

Crazy Tao

crazy tao

Description: Crazy Tao is a MMORPG developed by TQ Digital Entertainment. It is based on the rich and exciting culture and
history within China. In the world of Crazy Tao, you can experience romantic love, adopt and raise fascinating pets, and transport
yourself into the uniquely mystical world of Taoism.

There is a myriad of various characters ranging from cuddly
rabbits with floppy, flying ears to angry monsters. These cute
characters wield numerous weapons making friends and
defeating enemies in a moving story about occult Taoism,
mystic magic and Chinese Kungfu. You will feel the power
and magic that embodies Chinese civilization while playing
Crazy Tao.
Official website:
Download: 527MB
Status :F2P

Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu


Key Features

Character Development & Gameplay
Class system: Artisan, Warrior, Merchant or Politician...Choose
your own destiny. Become a master of one class and earn
reputation and respect.

Multiple Quests: Complete the quests from NPCs to help
you understand the game. Form a party to hunt strong
monsters and solve difficult quests.

Summon/Animals: Raise your own animals and ride them
to gain more speed and inventory space. Raise Summons
to assist you in the battlefield as allies.

Item Manufacturing System: Create and sell your items

(Over 1 million combinations) in the market or to other
users directly.

Stock Exchange System: Become a shareholder of different
towns to gain more profits and participate in the election.
Share the profits among residents or shareholders to
gain respect and reputation.

Town Commission System: Set the commission rates for
different facilities in the town to gain profits and compete
with other towns.

Election System: Participate in the shareholder election
to elect or become a town cheif. Use the resident election
to elect or become a GoonZu, the master of the server.

Making Political Decisions: As town cheif, appoint your own
department heads. Become Goonzu and govern the
server with the help of four ministers.
Official website:
Download: 618MB

Elf Online

elf online

Description: Elf has abandoned those animals symbolizing
power, such as deity bird and holy beast.

Instead, a lot of amusing pets have been adopted in this game.

For example, the Ringu in "The Ring", Cockroach in "Flirting

---- Even the toilet can be treated as a pet.

In this ridiculous world, different kinds of funny and excellent
prank pets are the real leading roles.

Players are able to catch hundreds of different pets with 5
different attributes that can help them fight.

Instead of using a poke ball, try using some special bait to
catch them.

Pets not only have physical attacks but players have the
options to use Skill Stones to add magical and skills for their pets.

Pets can even heal players.
Official website
Download: 809MB
Status: Beta

Dungeon Runners

dungeon runners

Description: Something stirs in the darkness. A hot earthy
smell wafts up from the dank depths. Nails scratch against
limestone, dripping water echoes off cavern walls, ancient
chains rattle in stagnant air…. What lies in the eerie depths

Dungeon Runners is an online role-playing game that’s free to
download and free to play!

As a brave hero, you’ll explore dangerous dungeons, battle
ferocious monsters and discover incredible weapons,
artifacts and loot.

Choose to play as Fighter, Mage or Ranger in a realm of
terror, magic and adventure. Unlock powerful new
skills as you gain experience on your journey into the

Whether fighting evil hordes as a lone warrior or
teaming up with online friends to carve a path of
destruction through your foe, Dungeon Runners will
quench your deepest dungeon-crawling thirst.

Game Features

* Free to download and play*.
* Three character classes: Fighter, Mage, or Ranger.
Each can learn powerful magic and deadly weapon skills.
* Progress in power as you gain levels and acquire new treasures.
* Some dungeons can be completed quickly, rewarding
those who can only invest 15 minutes a play session.
Greater dungeons, however, will provide a deep, rich,
questing experience for those who want to go on longer
runs or multi-part quests.
* Easy to control with either ‘WASD’ or point and click
combat and movement.
* Adventure alone or join with online friends to form
your own band of heroes.
* Undertake quests to rid the world of unspeakable
horrors and legions of enemies.
* Gather in the public area of Townston, and then
quickly hop into a new adventure in your very own
instanced dungeon.
* Become a legend. Bask in the limelight as your powers,
equipment, and influence grow with each successful quest
and every fallen foe.
* Randomly generated dungeons may contain any number
of special rooms, different monster encounters and more!
Each dungeon is always fresh, providing limitless re-playability.
* Game content will continually grow: new maps, monsters,
powers, and much, much more!
* Literally thousands of magic weapons, items, and armor
to discover!
* Dungeon Runners will always be free to download and play,
however, choose to become a member* and you’ll have
access to the most powerful in-game items and a growing list of members-only privileges.
Official website
Download: 363KB
Status: F2P

Angel Love Online

angel love online

Description: The story of the game is based in a land called Eden.
That fantasy world consists of four unique kingdoms. When you
start the game, you will be able to create a character. When you
create a character, you will choose a career. Angel Online offers
you 14 jobs to choose from. You will be able to change your skills
later on. After you graduate from the Angel Academy in Angel
Lyceum, you will choose to be sent to one of four kingdoms and
that kingdom will be your faction.
Official website
Download: 650MB
Status: F2P

Talisman Online

talisman online

Description: In the ancient orient, there is a peaceful and serene continent. The people there live and work in peace and contentment.
Their families are kept there generation by generation. However,
an evil power is preparing to come out behind the peaceful surface.
After collecting energy for the past thousand years, the evil power
finally became a huge monster that is called Master Blood on Blood
Palace. Master Blood began to slaughter human beings and other
living things in order to strengthen his power. He enhanced
himself by absorbing their souls. At that time, the whole world
was full of blood and fear. People became destitute and homeless.
The beautiful and peaceful continent became a hell which was
full of corpses.

However, the justice must exist where there is depravity.
The great rabbi Master Tian Meng, who came from the north,
contacted with all the righteous forces to suppress Master
Blood and his evil minions who were increasing day by day.
This battle had lasted about one hundred days, and the two
sides were hurt badly. At last, Master Tian Meng and his
four accomplices fought with Master Blood on Blood Mountain.
The decisive battle lasted for five days, and Master blood was
defeated by Master Tian Meng's witchcraft called Heaven Ice,
and was sealed in a block of one-thousand year ice cube.
This ice cube was suppressed at the bottom of the deep
pool in Green Scarp.

After Master Blood was sealed, people began to rebuild their
homestead. And the whole continent gradually returned to
peace and harmony. Due to the experience of this battle
with evil, Master Tian Meng and his accompanies in this
battle decided to created their own juntas and accepted
lots of apprentices in order to increase the force of justice.
Thus, Monk, Wizard, Fairy, Tamer and Assassin, those five
juntas were created one by one. The force of justice became
stronger and stronger.

Nevertheless, after five hundred years, the ice cube which
was at the bottom of the deep pool in Green Scarp
disappeared suddenly. And then, different kinds of evil
ghosts and monsters continually appeared. The evil breath
gradually suffused gradually. What had happened? Did
Master Blood resurge, or was a new monster born? The
five righteous juntas made the appointment to act together
to find out the truth.

Go ahead~~ Fight against the evil force!
Official website:
Download: 156MB
Status: F2P

Secret of the Solstice

secret of the solstice

Description: It is said that during days in a time long past,
peace was more than an empty word. A great King, mighty
and fair, ruled the land of Xen with responsibility entrusted
to him by the gods before they left the mortal plane. With this
trust came the Solstice Sphere, an ancient and mysterious
artifact possessing great power. In time the king married
and the union yielded twin daughters, Adeline and Marian.
They were like the sun and the moon, opposites but forever
entwined with the future of Xen.

Time passed and the princesses grew, reaching womanhood
before the eyes of their people. Adeline became a shining
beauty, like the sun with a heart of gold. The people of
Xen adored her. Always at her father's side, she watched
and learned as the King went about his duties. With a thirst
for knowledge, she learned from the greatest teachers in
the land. It was her destiny to one day inherit the throne
and become the kingdom's future.

While Adeline became like the sun, Marian grew to become
the moon. In the shadow of her sister she became envious,
and the darkness of jealousy soaked her heart. While
admirers heaped endless praise on Adeline, seeds of
bitterness and resentment began to grow in Marian.
Hidden under the sheen of superficial happiness, they
waited for the perfect moment to bloom.

Years passed, and the princesses approached the age of 18.
On their birthday Adeline received a special gift from her
parents - the Solstice Sphere! On that day the mysterious
ancient relic passed from father to daughter. But it was far
from a glorious occasion. A series of horrific events would
soon take place and ultimately drench the land of Xen in
the suffering it knows today.
Official website
Download: 633MB
Status: F2P

Zu Online

zu online

Description:Zu Online is a 3D MMORPG and comes from a
Chinese legendary Kung fu novel.

Quest: Completed storyline and extensive branches which
closely related with one another
In Zu Online, you can not only have tributary missions,
clan quests, and interlink quests, but also enjoy yourself in
such a complicated world with mysterious shadow and
fighting between the good and the evil.

Visuals: Classical tinge brings about fresh and vivid effect
The game creatively combines Chinese ancient ink painting with

fashionable animation. It will lead you to experience the mystic
world with its unique Zu music.

Flying: Riding at the speed of lightening
Here you will enjoy a trip in the sky by riding a sword, moonblade
or other weapons.

Summon: Ability of shapeshifting
You can shapeshift to ghosts (jinn) to enhance your power in the
game. But you must first learn the spell of shapeshifting and
have enough vigor as well.

Talent: Four varieties of talent work wonders by different routes

Spirit: Twelve Mascots possess luck
Each player has his own mascot. You can claim blessings from
Warehouse Master in main cities at the lucky time of your mascot.

Calamity: Integration of fortune and disasters
Trainees will undergo a great calamity in every sixty levels.
It’s so-called “destined calamity”, including “thunder calamity,
torridity calamity, hyperborean calamity, squall calamity and
Animitta Devil calamity”. If trainees are brave enough to
challenge and successfully pass that calamity, they will get
special skills and his immortal grade will be promoted too.

Sect: To create guild and contend for hegemony

Magic gear: with extreme loyalty to its owner
Official website:
Download: 909MB
Status :F2P

Regnum Online

regnum online

Description: Regnum Online is a MMORPG inviting you to
PLAY FOR FREE with no level or time restrictions. All that is
required is that you fight for your realm.

- Regnum offers 3 realms to choose from.
- 9 fully customizable player characters.
- An ever expanding number of quests.
- The ability to capture forts and castles.
- Expansive lands to explore.
- Glorious graphical environments in DirectX and OpenGL.
- Support for Windows and Linux platforms.
- Community driven development, meaning we develop the
game based on players' feedback.
- Premium content is available for enhanced game play.

Official website:
Download: 349 MB



Description: MixMaster is a free play monster battle MMORPG.
There are over 350 monsters in MixMasters and players will aim to
get the strongest posible monster by MIXING 2monsters.
Fight other players to become the best MixMaster inthe world!
Official website:
Download: 234MB

Metin 2


Description: Metin2 is a massive multiplayer online role-playing
game (MMORPG) which is packed with great features including
quests, guild battles and wars between nations. Metin2 players
from all over the globe will be able to play at no cost! There is
no monthly subscription fee or a time limit. The client
program can be downloaded for free from our website.
This is not something that is going to change; free massive multiplayer
game forever. You just can't get any better then that!
Official website
Download: 483MB
Status: F2P

Bounty Bay Online

bounty bay online

Description: Bounty Bay Online - The first massive multiplayer
online game which takes place in the time of sailors and voyagers.
Dive into a gigantic world full of seafaring tales and pirate fascination
with thousands of other players.

Experience history, and be part of the most exciting time of
mankind. Discover new continents and travel the known
world of the time, all of this is possible in the action packed
adventure on land and at sea.

Experience the infinite freedom of Bounty Bay Online, you
have the choice. You can become a vicious pirate or buccaneer
of royal appointment, chose a career as a reliable and skilful
craftsman or become immeasurably wealthy as an
experienced merchant.
Official website
Download: 1.1GB
Status: F2P

Granado Espada

granado espada

Description: The story begins in the old world of Orpesia,
with the country of Oporuto. Oporuto was starving, and in
need of an economic uplift. Their trade with resource-rich
Katai had been cut off by the armies of Targa, Illier, and
Vespanola to the East, and to the West they were blocked by
the dreadful Dark Sea.
An Oporutan explorer named Ferrucio Espada ventured across
the Dark Sea in search of an ocean route to Katai, and instead he
discovered a new world.
The world was named Granado Espada after its discoverer.
Oporuto threw all their economic resources into the development
of the new world, and spent their country into bankruptcy. Nearby
Vespanola relieved the country's debts, and in the process annexed
all of Oporuto's holdings in Orpesia and Granado Espada.
Following the annexation, Vespanola was attacked by their mortal
enemy to the northwest, Brestia.
The Brestian surprise attack resulted in a brutal conflict known as
"The Three-Year War." The war's outcome was essentially decided
at the Baleares Naval Battle, in which a weak Vespanolan
"Red" Navy miraculously defeated the mighty Brestian fleet.
The war forced Vespanola to ignore its interests in Granado
Espada, and also created a new class of social elite, the
Wartime Nobility. Due to social strife stemming from the Wartime
Nobility's inability to adapt to peacetime, as well as growing control
problems in Granado Espada, the Queen issued the
"Reconquista Policy" urging adventurous Vespanolan
families to migrate to the new world and retake the land
for Queen and Country.
The game begins with your family, the new family, looking
to find power, fortune and glory under Reconquista.
Official website
Download: 3.6GB
Status: Beta

There Online

there online

Description: There is an online getaway where you can hang
out with your friends and meet new ones--all in a lush 3D
environment that's yours to explore! Check out the pictures
below for just a glimpse of what you'll find in There. Then sign
up for a free trial and see it all for yourself!
Official website:
Download: 54MB



Description: A wonderful combination of arcade and RPG!
An action-packed arcade game that you can feel with your
fingertips by
manipulating the keyboard to issue commands for an unlimited
number of combination
attacks. Harmony between essential RPG elements such as c
haracter growth,
community system and arcade game action.

Stage System – Take on story quests one by one!
A main stage system closely connected to an interesting story.
Various modes such as the Main Stage, Side Dungeon Stage,
and Raid Dungeon Stage
with Raid Monsters.

Excellent graphics to match those of an animation film!
Beautiful crystal clear background and character designs.
A natural combination of 2-D background and 3-D characters
makes for an animation
film effect.
Featuring the ‘Animatic Cinema System’ with animation visual
effects and lines that make up
an important part of the stories.

Sound System – Press a button to listen to the voices of the
major cartoon characters.
A whopping 10,000 types of real-life impact sounds for each
object and material.
Press the shortcut key for the ‘Voice Chat System’ to chat
with words and the voices of
actors for a life-like play.

PvP System – Use strategies to win!
Control skills and strategies are the key to victory as the
game features
the Arcade Action Control, which is unavailable in other
online RPGs.
Official website
Download: 732MB
Status: Beta

Deco Online

deco online

Description: The world of Deco Online is one that is constantly
evolving and growing. Dimensions intertwine and connect with
current realms to form what inhabitants of the world call Unicle.
Lore and legend passed down from generations long gone speak
of an omnipotent being that wills the formation of Unicle; a
being so
powerful that it can merge different realms from unexplored
and unknown dimensions and is able to sustain the life source
of a world. Up to this day, no one can really ascertain any
truths to the legends even as Unicle continues to grow and
civilizations prosper and advance.
Official website
Download: 575MB
Status: Beta

Martial Heroes (Europe)

martial heroes europe

Description: Now, with great pride, we bring this world to you
in the form of a massive
multiplayer online role-playing game!

The Empire of Martial Heros uses a beautifully constructed
3D graphics
engine to bring this Realm of Martial Arts to life! In reading a
martial arts novel,
readers immerse themselves into fictional worlds where they
become the hero or
heroine. They are forced to battle powerful enemies and
overcome nearly
impossible trials all for the sake of defending the peace.
Many go on to obtain
gifts from the gods, and if their legend permits they can
grow to become the
most powerful entity in all of the world.

The Empire of Martial Heros will bring you a realistic
fantasy world
that could only have existed in the wildest recesses of
your imagination.

We will bring to you a world of martial arts as has never
been seen in
our time
Official website
Download: 399MB
Status: F2P

Metin 2


Description:Metin 2 is a massive multiplayer online role-playing
game (MMORPG) which is packed with great features including
quests, guild battles and wars between nations. Metin2 players
from all over the globe will be able to play at no cost! There is no
monthly subscription fee, and no time limit. The client can be
downloaded for free from our website. This isn't something that
is going to change; free massive multiplayer gamign is here to stay.
You just can't get any better then that!
Official website
Download: 450MB
Status: Beta

Perfect World (PH)

perfect world

Description: Perfect World is a full-feature 3D online game that
is based on rich Chinese mythology and set in the world of Pangu,
with entire generations of gods that paved the way for the creation
of great civilizations. Anchored on groundbreaking creative
elements and features that catapult it into the next level of
3D online gaming, Perfect World bestows players with the
power to create their own legend and, ultimately, their own
Perfect World.

Starting from a Chinese traditional myth that the god Pangu
built the sky, land, and beings, the game creates a profound
cultural base and brings players into an age-old, mysterious
and undiscovered world with epic backgrounds and a grandiose

Developed using a patented Element 3D engine, Perfect World
presents our players a real 3D space with its seamless,
huge 3D map. Perfect World brings players the concept of 3D
online game with the theme "creating a world for the first time",
giving players a new experience in team work and world
creation. All these functions are able to enhance the
interaction between the game and the players, and bring them
novel and infinite fun.
Official website
Download: 2.27GB
Status: Beta

Mo Siang


Description:Mo Siang Online, An EYA interactive Limited and
Run up game disturbution & development Sdn.Bhd product tha
took around 4 years to complete. Mo Siang Online is a martial
arts world MMORPG based on a Korean novel. Mo Siang
Online has up to 75 different maps. All of those maps are
base on real places like Dun Hwang, Chang An, Kai Feng,
Beijing, Shu Zhou, Shao Lin Temple, Chin Shi huang
mausoleum, Hang Zhou, Tai Shan, The Great Wall,
Hwang Her and more.
Official website
Download: 450MB
Status: F2P

Tales of Pirates

Tales of pirates online

Description:Tales of Pirates is a free, 3D Massively Multiplayer
Online Role Playing Game developed by the Chinese company
MOLI. Tales of Pirates is published by IGG (Internet Gaming Gate),
who have also published two other games, Voyage Century
Online and Myth War Online. Several versions of the game
are available for specific countries or regions such as an older
version Pirate King Online.
Official website
Download: 286MB
Status: Beta

The Lord of the Rings Online

the lord of the rings online

Description: The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of
Angmar is the world's first and only MMOG based on the
Books of J.R.R. Tolkien. Players can experience the most
famous fantasy world of all time, exploring and adventuring
their heroes through the vast reaches of Middle-earth in the
fight against the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron.
Official website
Download: -
Status: Beta

9 Dragons


Description: 9dragons is an authentic martial arts MMORPG,
train to become a master of martial arts in ancient China, fight
for the honour and destiny of your clan.
Official website
Download: 725MB
Status: Beta

Last Chaos (US)

Last Chaos

Description: Last Chaos is an on-line role playing game where
thousands of players can simultaneously be connected, fight and
upgrade their courage and battle skills through adventures,
quests and crafting skills with fellow adventurers. It is set in
the land of Iris, a place where anarchy, terror and ambition
reign after an epic struggle between the Gods
In the world of Last Chaos, the mortal races fight for power
and conquest of Iris. In a land of shifting alliances, bloody
betrayals and insatiable ambitions, players have full control of
their destiny; every action and decision is meaningful and
important. Fate rests on their shoulders and they determine
the evolution of Last Chaos's story through brutal warfare,
brilliant strategy and political power. By accomplishing missions,
learning crafting skills and experiencing adventures in the huge
and unknown world, players acquire the bravery, intelligence
and strength to become the true ruler of Last Chaos.

Official website
Download: 407MB
Status: Beta



Description:Rappelz is a free MMORPG published by Gala-Net,
the distributors of Flyff, Corum Online and Space Cowboy Online.
It is based in a fantasy world dominated by three races of separate
alignments: The Deva, guardians of light, the Asura, servants of the
dark, and the Gaia, the protectors of nature. The game can be
compared to games such as Lineage II.

Like Gala-Net's other MMO titles, Rappelz is free of subscription
charges; revenue is generated through the sale of special items via
the "Cash Shop". Purchasing Cash Shop items is not compulsory,
though the FAQ implies that they may offer the player a distinct
advantage in-game.
Official website:
Download: 1.29GB
Status: F2P

Corum Online


Description: Corum Online is a free to play MMO from overseas.
However unlike the other clones out there, this game puts a fresh spin
on PvP. The PvP system is built in tandem with an instance based
combat system. Guilds and Clans unite in order to not only clear
dungeons and instances for loot, but also to claim those places as their own.

Instances all over the world can be controlled and owned by guilds.
Those instances give those guilds certain bonuses such as resources or
even power. Not only that but you can train and summon your own
guardians that will defend these instances for you while you're away.

The PvP spells and abilities of each character class are also built around
this system. The game has a myriad of unique abilities that can be used
specifically for this group based PvP environment.
Official website:
Download: 588MB
Status: Beta

Scions of Fate

Scions of fate

Description:There are two types of people in the world. People that
know Scions of Fate and people that don’t.

People from ages 10 all the way to30 have been entranced by Scions of
Fate. From its journey as a comic to online MMORPG, Scions of Fate
has always combined the mystical world of martial arts with comic art
and light, airy humor. Scions of Fate is a game that people of all ages and
all walks of life can enjoy.

The cute characters, the beautiful pastel-tone character pics, the diverse
range of emoticons, the deadly but beautiful combat skills, all contribute
to the Scions of Fate game experience. Even more precious are
the communal experiences that players share together as they’re
battling monsters, growing together like a family.

The scope of this original work is complex, yet light and entertaining.
From the conflict between The Order and Chaos, to the blossoming
romance that takes place in the midst of this world, all the elements
of the story mesh together to form a very unique and emotional
journey for all players.

If you’re ready for a new, richer online gaming experience, let’s
log-in to the game.
Official website:
Download: 487.75MB
Status :F2P

Voyage Century

voyage century

Description:Voyage Century is a free to play nautical MMORPG
published by IGG, the distributors of Myth War Online. Advertisements
for the game suggest that it is the "First 3D Nautical Online Game",
but dates of the development of Burning Sea and the presence of
Uncharted Waters Online seem to dispute this marketing ploy.
It is set in 16th century Earth and features accurate historical
representations of several coastal cities. Players are given a choice
between four career paths at the beginning of the game: explorer,
merchant, craftsman, or warrior. This choice is vital to a character,
since it greatly influences the playing style of the character for the
rest of the game. Combat occurs both on land and on the sea, where
players risk the threat of pirates when venturing further from the
more populated areas.

Optional cash shop items are available for players to purchase with real
Official website:
Download: 1.13GB

Xiah Online


Description:Xiah was designed for players to enjoy martial arts in the
form of a MMORPG. Xiah offeres a detailed 3D environment and a HCI
(Human Computer Interface), which includes as game support level,
convenience, and esthetic configuration.

What makes Xiah innovative is it's AI. Xiah's Artificial Intelligence
system (AI) is based on the Artificial Emotion (AE) for monsters.
The NPCs in Xiah are based on the AI system also. For example, a
monster running away can return to attack users when it meets friends
to cooperate, and monsters who are attacked but not killed will remember
its attacker.

Xiah offers both the first and third person view. Basically, users can
see background and the character and move conveniently by clicking
in the third person view. Both the First person and Third person do
not affect the game play or interface.
Official website:
Download: 593MB
Status: F2P


Description: Nos stands for Nomads of Silver Spirit and Nostale is a
story of adventure that occur in East Mile, the continent of Nos. Nostale
is an RPG based on 'growth and possession' in a cartoonic worldview,
but introduced other genres of games in its own way. You will be
introduced to a lovely world that is friendly yet unique and will be
able to meet true game mates in the game.
Official website
Download: 442MB
Status: Beta

Cabal Online (Europe)

Description: CABAL Online from ESTsoft builds on over a decade
of experience with massive network traffic management to deliver a
New-age, Stylish Action MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online
Role Playing Game).
Using a powerful game engine developed in-house, CABAL uses a
third-person interface and features brilliant and realistic gameplay.

Through crafty coding, the development team has lowered the
minimum system requirements so more users can enjoy the
groundbreaking MMO.
Official website
Download: 470MB
Status: Beta


Description: Hero Online is a masterpiece created by three
generations of distinguished martial art novelists.

The storyline is written by first generation martial arts novelist, Kum
Kang, who utilizes a complex combination of story content and plot
twists, free from prearranged paths, that brings a whole new gaming

Player characters learn many skills and forms. Every form has its
distinct motion, damage, and impact. While they will not available
from the beginning, skills will be attainable as players’ skill-experience

There are two skills that a Hero will have the ability to acquire:
Movement skills and attack skills. By using both these skills players
will have the ability to experience the acrobatic world of martial arts
with great embodiments of realistic visuals.

* Movement Skills

With Movement Skills, characters will be able to:
-Fly over a building or wall
-Run and/or stand on water

* Attack Skills

Players will be surprised and pleased with the many creative attack
movements and big effects found in Hero Online. Here, special attacks
aren’t just a form of damage, it is an artistic expression that
personifies (and visualizes) their animal form!

In many games, players advance their characters by just killing
monsters and completing quests. Depending on the setup of the
game, this process may become tedious and unrewarding for
many players.

* Reward System

Hero Online utilizes a reward system that keeps track of how
many monsters a player kills from log in to log out. This number
will result in rewards of items, exp, and rank. With this system,
hunting takes on a whole new level of purpose!

In Hero Online, Players will have ability to either tame or
purchase a pet.
Pets will grow as players feed them. And with pets, players
can ride, fight, and trade
Official website:
Download: 484.69 MB

RYL 2: Incomplete Union

Description: Risk Your Life is one of the few MMORPGs
(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that bring
you an online Virtual Reality atmosphere that is both completely
interactive and immersive.

RYL is a well-balanced MMORPG developed under a 3D
environment that allows players to create their own character,
define its role, do battle with it, and much more in a virtual world.
No longer do players have to face monotonous individual games but
they can now interact with hundreds or thousands of other players
from all over the world and undertake the adventure of a lifetime

Presented in a full 3D world, RYL allows players to create their
unique characters, define their roles, engage in battles and hand-to-hand
combat via this internet adventure and watch their character grow.
No longer do players have to face onotonous individual games but they
can now interact with hundreds or thousands of other players from
all over the world and undertake the adventure of a lifetime together.

RYL connects players around the world together to venture into
quests, players can wage wars between camps, develop their own
territory/camps, gather their own parties to engage in friendly
relationships with the community. Experience the new generation
of online interactive gameplay in a fabulous fantasy world.
Official website:
Download: 695MB
Status: F2P


Description: More than 160 different monsters roam around Caballa
Island to distract Tricksters from achieving their goals.

Therefore, the battle system is essential in surviving in the Caballa Island.
The battle system is also called MAB System (Multi-Activity Battle System)
and the reason is because you can attack not only with the weapons, but
also the items in the game can be used for attacks. Different skills can be
learned from cards and scrolls. You can also set traps underground to
catch monsters. Acquired items and experience points earned through
battles will help you to level up and they can also help you upgrade or
learn other special skills. Gelder, the currency used in the game
(Caballa Island) can also be earned through battles.
Official website
Download: 390MB
Status: Beta

Dragon Gem

Description:Dragon Gem is an anti-fairy tale and bizarre fantasy story
with fairy tale characters as NPCs that ask you to complete absurd
quests. Are you ready for a world of medieval fantasies and fairy tales?

Party Quest by Act
Dragon Gem consists of a number of acts, and you have to kill the boss
monster in order to move on to the next act. Go hunt down the boss
monster in each village!
Beautiful Graphics
See the soft 2D background in pastel tones as well as the cute little 3D
animated characters in the game. Check it out!
Travel the World with a Monster
Forget ordinary pets! In Dragon Gem, you can tame a monster and ride it.
Are you ready to tame a monster?
A Mini Game within the Game
In Dragon Gem, you can also enjoy a mini game by collecting angel
wings and rocket boosters dropped by monsters. Why wings? Wings
can be used in the mini game within Dragon Gem, where you can wear
them to fly and kill monsters. I will be waiting for you as a cute
little monster. Catch me if you can!
Official website:
Download: 117MB
Status: Beta

Last Chaos

Description: Last Chaos is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-line
Role Playing Game) set in the continent of Iris.

In the world of Last Chaos, alliances and betrayals continually cause
endless wars, its people doing whatever they can to survive the chaos.
Players acquire the bravery, ability and talent to become the true
emperor of the continent, Iris, by accomplishing missions for the
unification of Iris and experiencing adventures in the huge and
unknown world.

Last Chaos is an on-line role playing game where thousands of players
can simultaneously be connected and upgrade their courage and battle
skills through adventures and quests with other fellow adventurers.

Will you take your destiny as the unifying ruler of Iris.
Official website:
Download: 359.9MB
Status: Beta


Description: The Ultimate Fantasy Adventure
What comes up first on your head when thinking of fantasy? Great
warrior, wizard, Elf and dwarf, devil king and dragons, most of you
probably think of fantasy as the mysterious unreal world with
surrealistic things and phenomenon. And that's what most of recent
MMORPGs are all about. But, don't you think that's just not good enough?

Lands and haunted monsters, what our Deicide developers thought
we were missing here was an Adventure.
Just walking around and killing monsters as shown¡¦ What our team
thought that we needed was actual individual adventurism with not
just spacious lands and dungeons, but with diversity of landscapes
such as canyons, and valleys, and also lots of cliffs.
Various quests adventure along with mercenary work for money,
adventure towards the world of marvelous scenery and monsters,
that is what our Deicide really seeking into.
Deicide : the neo generation of online game society
Consolidate a place for our shelter and making living by farming,
rise in arms for their shelter from the enemy, conquest other
castles with colleagues, become one of the member of hierarchical
society, working and fighting for their lords and masters, all these
multiple living activities are what our Deicide is seeking for building
neo generation online game society to give all of our users chance to
feel the joy of playing advanced online game.
Official website:
Download: 549.31MB

Silkroad Online

Description: The online game 'SilkRoad' targets the unceasingly
active world other than the existing online games which the has built the
entrenched world. On the specious Silk Road, the merchants constantly
moves for trading and burglars who intend to strip them of goods.
In addition, there are hunters who specialize in removing such burglars.
On the Silk Road which seems to be static, the hostility and secret strife
in which various groups continuously engage for the benefit of their own
groups inform the Silk Road world with new life. Besides, there is no fixed
job in the SilkRoad world. All players can freely promote the growth of
their own characters by their wills, and change his/her own group to
other groups like merchant, burglar and hunter which he/she affiliated
with as well as alter his/her character. The player is to have an
experience of ultimately free world with setting up not fixed, organically
changed world.

The server system processed in the parallel decentralization can
simultaneously accommodate a large group of users without fail and
offer the more fresh game by virtue of minimized loading time.
Moreover, realizing the more natural character's movement through
the motion blending and dynamic animation technique provides the
players with the improved oneness with the character. Now, the road
to SilkRoad is open to you. It is entirely up to you whether you will earn
much money in the trade, become one wolf which pounds the extensive
and outlawry continent or play an active part of guardian who protects
the peace of SilkRoad.
Official website:
Download: 502.9MB
Status: Beta

The Legend of Ares

Description: Special features:

Honor System
When a player kills another player from a rival nation or guild, they
will receive one honor point. When a player is defeated by another
player from the rival nation, one honor point is taken away. When a
player accumulates a certain number of honor points, he/she will receive
a rank within their nation's standing. The general rule of rank is: the
higher rank a player achieves the greater the bonus that player will get
towards his attack and defense power (see Ranking System on website).

National War
Fight players from your rival nation to increase your ability through rank
and honor points! While players will begin their journey in "safe" zones,
there will be areas of the map later in the game where both nations must
venture. Players should be on their guard when in these areas!

Guild War
Player-created guilds will help players to level, hunt, and quest; but that's
not all. Guilds will be able to wage war against each other regardless of
nation-association, and can even band together to form alliances against
their enemies. Alliance vs. Alliance and/or Guild vs. Guild warfare will be
another way for players to achieve rank and honor points.

Territorial War
There will be organized Nation vs. Nation events where players of each
nation will fight for control of areas of the map. Each area will have their
respective bonuses to bestow on the winning side in addition to increasing
the size of the player's nation. In this way, players will have a direct impact
on their nation's prosperity as well as an impact in the progression of the
story. Needless to say, Territorial War will be a great way for players to
gain rank through honor points.
Official website:
Download: 607.43MB
Status: Beta


Description: A world of western fantasy, oriental martial arts, and science
fiction are all combined to create the world of Ferentus.

Present MUGs describe the world of Ferentus using units of a town or a

The Rog continent is a western fantasy world of religion and magic. The
oriental Contikhans are the Kings of the capitalistic Forgelland of magical
and scientific energies. A land enhabited by evil forces and monsters; and
there in the center of the triangle, is Ferentus. In MMORPG's world of
Ferentus, you may need your splendid martial art skills to battle mighty
dragons and powerful magicians with advanced scientific weapons.

Each civilization may make various alliances or conflicts, and overall
soil themselves in the world of Ferentus.
Official website:
Download: 346.12MB
Status: Beta

Fly For Fun


In ancient times, five Gods of Lais sought to create a new world with
new inhabitants that could live harmoniously among them. They gathered
and agreed to create Roika Mainland; their new world. They created water
and the earth, animals and plants as well as Humans. At this time, and
at all times in Roika Mainland, it is a time of peace.

After years of peace, the God's decided to leave Roika Mainland and
create a new world. With this, in an attempt to maintain the golden
age of Roika mainland the Gods of Lais handed all of the secrets of
the land as well as the core part of the revolution-genesis gear over
to the kind race of Dwarf. The God's only wish was that the world
would remain as beautiful and peaceful as it was in their rule.

Simultaneously, to bring happiness to the race of human, the
Gods created Comedian-Clown. The Comedian Clown became
enraged about bringing happiness to the race of Human and split
its personality into three identities; Imagination Ipuli, Shadow
Shield and Chromospheres Bobor. Under the initiation of the evil
Shadow Shield, the main body-Imagination Ipuli not only chased
away the kind Chromospheres Bobor, but also created numerous
Human attacking monsters. These monsters took away the
revolution-genesis-gear of the race dwarf and developed a new
Mainland; a mainland that was angrier, stronger and prepared to
destroy the race of Human.

To save the mainland from chaos, the Chromospheres Bobor inherited
the mystical ancient-science and black magic of Human. For the restoration
of harmonious simple life, the citizens of Roika Mainland were forced to
become warriors who would fight against the evil shadow Shield and
uphold the wish of the God's.

Out numbered and out matched, the race Human prepares themselves
for a battle that may prove to be their end.
Official website:
Download: 410MB
Status: F2P

Maple Story

Description:You can explore a totally new and unknown world
you have never been to, put on beautiful clothes and gorgeous
accessories, and even attract other users in the process. You
may begin the journey to explore the world of unknown alone,
but you may come out on the other end with numerous new friends
through hunting and chatting. If you're tired of hunting and competition,
how about playing minigames with a friend for a change?

You'll become a brave adventurer protecting the Maple World, and if
you're exhausted from all the intense battles and competition, you may
one day build your own house at a quiet rural village, enjoying the life of
a recluse who welcomes visitors.

At Maple Island, you will learn from the NPC's simple hunting skills and
basic control of the game to help you ease into the game. Then, you'll board
the ship that heads to Victoria Island, and that's where your journey
REALLY begins.

From Lith Harbor that welcomes you from a long journey from Maple
Island, you'll run into such fascinating towns as Henesys - the village of
bowmen with comfy mushroom-shaped houses gathered together; Ellinia -
the village of magicians with mysterious spells embedded between tall trees;
Perion - the village of warriors with the fighting spirit typical of the Indians
living in highlands; and Kerning City - the village of thieves that reminds you
of the back alleys of dark cities.

You'll be playing the game at Victoria Island where all these diverse and
unique towns and fields coexist.

Here, you are going to be just a regular gamer hunting down monsters
and protecting yourself in the process. You'll be given 4 paths to choose
from, 4 that will define your life in MapleStory: Warrior, Bowman, Thief,
and Magician. Through leveling up and meeting some requirements, you'll
be able to make job advancements and nurture your character in your own,
unique way.
Official website:
Download: 306MB
Status: F2P

Minions of Mirth

Description: Minions of Mirth is a MMORPG based on the Torque
Game Engine from GarageGames. It was released in December 2005
for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Minions of Mirth (MoM) is a single player and Massively multiplayer
game with no monthly fee. The world in which the game takes place,
Mirth, consists of 2 large islands and 2 smaller ones. The massively
multiplayer component of the game takes place on both official and
player-run servers.

The game's inhabitants are divided into 3 factions, the Fellowship of
Light (FoL), Minions of Darkness (MoD), and the monster realm. On
the RvR server (realm vs realm) Player vs Player combat is allowed
between members of different factions.

MoM uses the Python programming language and is extensively editable.
Because of this openness, players are encouraged to host their own servers
with their own custom-built worlds. Players can also submit content they
create to the game's developers, who will review it and, if they find it to be
on par with the rest of the game's content, add it to the next patch.
Official website:
Download: 244MB[Windows] / 250MB[OSX]
Status: F2P/P2P for additional features


Description: Dofus is a MMORPG combining an heroic fantasy world and
a highly-coloured 2D design. Being both a role-playing game and an interactive
cartoon, Dofus is aimed at both hardcore and casual gamers.
Official website:
Download: 52MB
Status: F2P

Supreme Destiny

Description: Embark yourself in an all new MMORPG—Supreme Destiny.
The game offers a total of four classes with several possible builds that further
develops the players’ characters. Explore the vast terrain with unique
monsters inhabiting its perimeters.

What differs Supreme Destiny from most MMORPGs is the mount system,
also known as the pet system within the game. It offers players the ability
to hatch an egg that evolves into a pet that can eventually be mounted.
Supreme Destiny also offers the Supreme Store, which allows players to
purchase items to further enhance their characters.
Official website:
Download: 131.76MB
Status: F2P

RAN Online

Description: The Omen began 18 years ago in Asia. This was where the
day became night. Total darkness enveloped the land. All was calm and
peaceful until the stars started to fall. Never before has the sky so littered
with falling stars. The land just watched and waited.

16 years after the eclipse, a new power emerged throughout the land.
The government and the people tremble to this entity’s influence and
will. It was called, Sacred Financial Group, an organization surrounded
by wealth and power yet clouded in a shroud of myth and mystery.
What is known about this organization is that four unique institutions were
founded and funded by this group. The institution names were as
mysterious as their founding organization. One was called Sacred
Gate; the second was named Mystic Peak, the third Phoenix and last
was named Leonine Campus.

The initial outlook of these institutions is like any renowned sports
institution in the land. Potential students have to go through stringent
assessments and only top athletes are selected. Its only when students
start attending the schools, they find that things are very different.

The four institutions were built with strange architecture and structures.
From an initial glance, one could almost feel that the four institutions were
arcane in nature. What is even more mysterious, the institutions do not
follow any conventional syllabus. Many strange events and practices
made new students very uncomfortable. They were initially confused and
bewildered. Strange and unconventional as the syllabus might be, it is,
however, very difficult and both taxing on the mind and body. Students
will adapt and fall into the school’s routine. Rumors are abound
that the students in these institutions are trained in conventional and
non conventional combat skill, some techniques even beyond those used
by the military.

So far, things are calm and peaceful. But somewhere deep inside the
four institutions there is an unspeakable force that lies dormant,
waiting and biding its time. Uncertainty, Fear, Anxiety are in everyone’s
heart… but on the other hand, they feel excited about the destruction,
and long to destroy… the evil self that was hidden in their deep souls…As
for the four institutions, each student just trains and waits…
Official website:
Download: 87.20MB
Status: F2P

Gate to Heavens

Description: “GTH Online” with the story about the hermits who
are Oriental mystics.

Naturally it has its roots on Oriental view to the world; however as
the subject matter of the future and time trip of the hermits is added.
It jumps over the limited dimension of the subject matter.

The first story of this game is about the first war of the hermits against
the monsters in totally distinct space after their world is separated from
the human world.

We wish that you will be our young hero hermit who will bring back the
peace to the hermit world in this situation of endless war against the monster.

Official website:
Download: 447.98MB
Status: F2P

Kal Online

Description: The legend says that the legendary Doggebi tower is
revealed when the blood of virgin run over the place of the moonlight
but the Doggebi tower is revealed because the gate between the demon
world and human world is twisted. Bango did not want to miss the
chance so Bango search for the Doggebi tower over and over and finally
he found it in the northwest of the Doggebi forest.
Bango decides to send his demon troops for taking out the holy power of
Doggebi and the Doggebi warriors fight with them for protecting their place.
Bango has to send his troops over and over because of the strong resistance
of Doggebis but the strong resistance is now becoming weaker and weaker.
Official website:
Download: 272MB
Status: F2P

Thang Online

Description: On the eastern end of the continent called Om Lit Praga,
whose history is more ancient that anyone can ever imagine, gods and
men still live in harmony, and numbers of tribes live peacefully, enjoying
the rich gifts of green forests and meadows from the Mother Nature.
These tribes had one common legend, passed on for generations: the
legend about a god named On-Du.
One day, the crevice of Mana the Moon will be opened, the eyes of On-Du
will be blinded, and the ghoulish howling of beasts will echo across the
sacred Rvai Mountains which no one ever attempted to climb. One day,
all the gods of nature, even the gods of Sun and Wind, will shudder in terror.
Old forests and vast plains, which the tribes depended their lives on, will lose
vitality according to the legend. This terrible legend warns that beasts and
even domestic animals will go mad and the world will grieve at the terror
and pain.
The wave of this legend now begins to sweep across another civilization in
the western territory of Om Lit Praga, beyond the Rvai Mountains. This
civilization, called Aguda, is separated into two: Light and Darkness, and
these two have been at war for hundreds of years. However, Darkness is
defeated, and its power begins to approach the holy Rvai Mountains.
People of Darkness wield black magic and worship darkness, destruction,
and curse blindly, and they are trying to prey on the peace of On-Du in
order to build power needed to challenge Light once again.
There is always hope, however, even in despair. The hope will flare up -
young, determined warriors from each tribe. They are the ones who will
fight the doom with dedication and passion. They are the chosen ones who
will climb the sacred Rvai Mountains that never allowed any other's
footsteps, and they are the ones who receive the spirit of Thang the
Phoenix God of the Rvai in their hearts. The Seal of Thang will be
opened, and the young warriors, the incarnations of Thang, will tackle
each and every disaster ahead of them. Their legend begins now.
Official website:
Download: 137MB
Status: F2P

Goonzu Online

Description:The Choice is Yours - Simulating the real world society!
Creating your own items:
Be an artisan and create items for yourself or for others. GoonZu Online
offers you various artisan classes to master and you can become the best
artisan in the GoonZu world.
Control the economics:
Sell your items in the market. Buy the town stocks. Lease out the buildings.
Hire your own NPCs. GoonZu offers you to become an economist and control
your town economy.
To be rich or not to be rich. That is the question!
Govern your own town:
Do you think you are popular? Do you have what it takes to earn people’s
Win the residential election in the server and become a GoonZu. Your
server’s future lies in your hands.
Official website:
Download: 309.47MB
Status: F2P

Anarchy Online

Description: Anarchy Online (AO) is a science fiction themed massive
multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). The first three
expansion packs, Notum Wars, Shadowlands and Alien Invasion,
have received high praise and won 20 international awards.
Official website:
Download: 867.53MB
Status: F2P

Face of Mankind

Description: Face of Mankind is a Massively Multiplayer Online
olePlaying Game (MMORPG) in a persistent world. You will control
a single character in the science fiction game-world. It will be available
for download in 2005. Once installed on your PC you will have access to
an ever changing game-world via your internet connection. Thousands
of players throughout the game world co-operate, compete or co-exist
in a realistic and futuristic world of the 24th century.

The plot is constantly evolving, with new missions created constantly.
The skill and luck of the players from rival factions change the balance
of power. Highly ranked players create missions which are split and
handed down through the hierarchy. The objective of the game is to
evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the
accumulation of wealth, power, social status or all three.
Official website:
Download: 679MB
Status: *P2P

Turf Battles

Description: Turf Battles offers fast-paced and rich PvP and
PvE (Player vs Environment) in MMORPG. As the name implies,
Turf Battles's PvP centers around the turfs, areas that can be
owned by tribes. A turf can produce unique gems and items that
are available almost entirely only in that turf. A turf battle happens
twice a day per turf and the winner of the turf battle gets to hunt for
the unique gems of the turf for the next 24 hours. There will be more
than a dozen turfs and each turf has a unique geography making eac
turf battle like no other. Turf Battles PvE is beyond the traditional
repetitive monster killing. Players have the option of fighting easier
monsters and level up with predictability. For those who like challenges
and unredictability from monsters, they can take missions to seek out
and destroy armies of monsters. Turf Battles is free to join and free to
play forever.
Official website:
Download: 668.34MB
Status: F2P

Knight Online(K2 Network)

Description: Come and indulge yourself with the medieval fantasy
setting massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)
with the world's most exciting, heart-pumping PvP features.

With over 2 million people logging on to play from around the world,
Knight Online represents one of the biggest MMO communities that
are around. Some of the most exciting features of Knight Online are
the most involving, persistent and large-scale wars between players,
and its own built in party system.

Upon registering and creating an account, each player must choose
between becoming a Human or an Orc, and within each nation, people
can choose to build up their character as a barbarian, warrior, priest, or
mage. The successful player will seek to join forces with others of his or
her nation in order to obtain victory. By enduring battles, each character
may also become a hero in the world of Knight Online. He/she may also
receive a title of recognition and reward from the King, become the
lord of his own castle, and even rule over a city.
Official website:
Download: 333.54MB
Status: F2P

Knight Online(e-Games)

Description: In the beginning there was a chaos. Timeless energies
swirled in a great mass of color and light in the soundlessness of space.
Over the millennia the energies gained substance and began to weave
itself into the fabric of what would one day spell life.

Out of this fabric a thread, an insignificant piece of power disentangled
itself from the mass. While the essence of this thread was one and the
same as the energies which at the very moment were evolving, it changed
along a separate path. It alone gained consciousness.

Time passes...

The consciousness comes awake. At first it wanders around what now
has become a star, so compact has the energies woven itself over the eons.
It looks upon the lifeless star and is touched by his first feeling, sadness.

With his hands outstretched he, Logos, took it upon himself to create life.
For days he shaped what would become the world Carnac. At first he
created the lands, the tallest mountains and the deepest valleys.
He then created the clouds and the sky. He thought he was finished
and he was content.

He watched the world from the mountains, reveling in the cools winds
that swept its peak. He touched the clouds and felt a wetness like he
had never felt before, he liked the feeling, the cool wet feeling of water.
He tasted it and was amazed by its purity and how refreshing it was.
He thought about this, and he looked down to the land beneath him.
It was dark and dry, and for the first time he realized that apart from
the mountains the world did not look beautiful, and though the world
turned it was not alive. It did not speak, it did not grow. It would merely
spin for eternity, not unlike the energies it was molded from.

He thought of the moisture in the clouds and remembered the joy
he felt in the experience. He wanted the lands of feel as he felt, he
willed the clouds to rain and so it did. It rained for 49 days and the
water carved the rocks, flooded the valleys and created the ocean.
Soon the world was a splendid blue, like a turquoise jewel hanging
in the colorlessness of space. But there must be those who can
experience the splendors of the rivers, oceans and lakes. The
rocks and mountains as Logos had learned were lifeless.

Taking the remaining energies from the clay he did not use to
fashion the mountains he created life. First he created the fishes to
swim in the water he loved so much. Then he planted the trees who
would forever favor the presence of its moisture. Later came the
animals then the soaring birds that further graced the world with
life. Lastly came men whom he created in his likeness, they too had
the power to mold the world to suit their needs and the first seeds
of mankind he placed near the great rivers which had been created.
There they would have all they need to prosper.

By the time Logos recalled the forgotten piece it was far from too
late. Already an entity which named itself Patos was formed. It rivaled
Logos in power but contained none of the compassion, love and the
desire to create as its counterpart. Instead it longed to twist what
Logos had painstakingly created. As revenge, Patos’ first act of
power was to instill change, change which Logos from the very
beginning hated.

From his act came the four seasons, day and night, life and death.
But this wasn’t enough; Patos wanted Logos to experience the pain
and abandonment he felt, taking a handful of sand he infused within
every grain what would be known as the sins of men. Each grain he
took and planted into all of mankind, and with that act men turned
away from Logos, the learned greed, lust and had a desire to
dominate and destroy.

Powerless to stop it, Logos wept.
Official website:
Download: 339MB
Status: F2P

Martial Heroes

Description: The Empire of Martial Heros uses a beautifully
constructed 3D graphics engine to bring this Realm of Martial
Arts to life! In reading a martial arts novel, readers immerse
themselves into fictional worlds where they become the hero or
heroine. They are forced to battle powerful enemies and overcome
nearly impossible trials all for the sake of defending the peace.
Many go on to obtain gifts from the gods, and if their legend permits
they can grow to become the most powerful entity in all of the world.
The Empire of Martial Heros will bring you a realistic fantasy world
that could only have existed in the wildest recesses of your imagination.
Official website:
Download: 434.4MB
Status: F2P

Project Entropia

Description: Project Entropia is a massive virtual universe
with a real cash economy.

Together with people from all over the globe you too can
experience the adventure, form societies, and take part in
the creation of a brand new world.

While on the planet Calypso you use the PED currency to
invest in your personal development. The assets you acquire
can be exchanged back into real world funds.

Project Entropia is available around the clock for decades to
come. The virtual universe has been developed since 1995
with new exciting content being added every month.

Join the 381305 people before you and get a life in Project Entropia.
Official website:
Download: 8MB (Installer)
Status: F2P/P2P for additional features

Priston Tale

Description:Priston Tale is a Full-3D MMORPG (Massively
Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game) based on the players’
adventures in the continent of Priston. The 3D environment allows
detailed character models and actual differences in height, making
the whole experience much like watching an animated movie.
The free-floating camera also allows a whole 360 degrees of camera
movement, and the combat sequences boasts explosive action and
effects to bring arcade- level fun to the player.
To top it all, the addition of a Class Change system will effectively
break the "leveling" monotony of typical MMORPGs by giving players
the freedom of choosing the paths by which their characters will grow.
Official website:
Download: 717MB
Status: F2P for 39 levels

Second Life

Description: Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and
owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown
explosively and today is inhabited by nearly 100,000 people from around
the globe.

  • From the moment you enter the World you’ll discover a vast digital
  • continent, teeming with people, entertainment, experiences and
  • opportunity. Once you’ve explored a bit, perhaps you’ll find a perfect
  • parcel of land to build your house or business.

  • You’ll also be surrounded by the Creations of your fellow residents.
  • Because residents retain the rights to their digital creations, they can
  • buy, sell and trade with other residents.

  • The Marketplace currently supports millions of US dollars in
  • monthly transactions. This commerce is handled with the in-world
  • currency, the Linden dollar, which can be converted to US dollars at
  • several thriving online currency exchanges.

Welcome to Second Life. We look forward to seeing you in-world!
Official website:
Download: Windows 21MB/Mac 32MB
Status: F2P


Description: What is Shadowbane? A simple question, but not so
simple to answer. Shadowbane is many things to many people. The
game is officially classified as a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying
game (MMORPG or MMO for short), but there are some who would
classify it as a real-time strategy game. Which is it?

Well, both actually. Shadowbane uses many elements from strategy
games such as city building, sieges, territory conquest, and tactical
formations and weds them to a game system similar to other fantasy
MMORPGs. Players level and adventure in Shadowbane as they do in
other MMOs, but Shadowbane offers unique activities in the game world,
adding reasons to continue play after the more conventional RPG has been

Shadowbane has expanded the concept of what an online persistent
world RPG can be. Rather than focusing on the story arc of the single
character and taking the game no further, Shadowbane extends the
experience by creating a backdrop of political intrigue and warfare for
players to become engrossed in. Players can join together to form guilds,
raise armies and conquer Kingdoms. Leaders marshal their strength to build
keeps, temples and fortifications. Armies battle their rivals to control resource
mines crucial to their kingdoms' growth. And when diplomacy fails, legions and
siege engines batter down the walls of cities, and the destinies of player nations
are decided on virtual battlefields.
Official website:
Download: 891.5 MB[PC] / 645MB[Mac]
Status: F2P

Conquer Online

Description: In the mythical ancient Kungfu circle, an evil guild has risen
in power to dominate the once peaceful world. Living under its terror, a
group of courageous men and women has gathered to improve their skills
to fight against the evil guild and bring justice back to people's lives.
Experience the ancient Chinese Kungfu and magic, enjoy the endless
beautiful scenery and mythical environment in which you can develop
your own character and interact with other real-life and imaginary
beings. This marvelous MMOG (Massively Multi-user Online Game)
conquers the hearts of millions of players.

Beautiful 2D artistic backgrounds and advanced 3D effects bring
characters and environments to life. Sophisticated equipment system
with exotic ancient weapon and customized motions designed for each
weapon. A lot of treasured gems are waiting for you to explore, which
will grant unimaginable power to its owner.

Four character types to choose from: gallant Trojan, righteous Warrior,
unsurpassable Archer, resourceful Taoist, which are customized with
unique weapons and skill. Each can access numerous levels and grow in
skills and abilities. Trojan is good at two-handed weapon and close combat,
Warrior is adept in the use of all kinds of weapons and combat skills, Archer
can hit a target in a flash, Taoist specializes in magic, such as casting spell,
summoning, blessing, etc.

In this dangerous world, you will encounter quite a lot of aggressive and
ferocious monsters with up to 120 levels. They may attack you with their
sharp teeth, iron fists or powerful weapons. It’s the time for you to prove
your ability and gain recognition. Just slay them by using your powerful
gemmy weapons, splendid XP skills, and supernatural magic...

Real-time unlimited PK with red-name and black name scoring system
is a big feature of Conquer. You can participate in weekly large-scale city
battle to bring your PK skills to full play. However, there are also peaceful
sides of Conquer. You can also chat, make friends, get married, create
powerful guild and change your appearance as you like.

This is not intended as a full introduction to conquer. Only experiencing
the land for yourself can fully prepare you for what is in store. By the
way, conquer will be constantly updated to offer you a fresh challenge.
Official website:
Download: 600MB
Status: F2P


Description: The objective of the PlaneShift is to create a virtual
fantasy world in which a player can start as a peasant in search of
fame and become a hero. First of all PlaneShift is a Role Playing Game.
Be sure to read our Roleplay guidelines or you will not be able to play
this game. We will focus our efforts in the reproduction of a real world
with politics, economy, many non-player-characters controlled by the
server that will bring to life our world even without players connected!

We want to give FREE access to everyone, without the need to either
purchase the game or pay a monthly fee. Servers and bandwidth will
be donated by sponsors.

Our virtual world is persistent, and this means you can connect to it
at every hour of day or night and you will always find players and
npcs wandering our realms. You will be able to disconnect and reconnect
again, the server saves the actual status of your character including his

You will use a client program to interact with our world, that enables
you to have a 3D view of the surroundings.

Official website:
Download: 276MB
Status: F2P

Mu Online

Description: MU Online is a 3D MMORPG that takes you, the player
into a Fantasy World full of excitement, adventure and monsters. With
several ways to train your character, the Continent of MU is a sure
way to a unique adventure.
Join others in the quest to bring the Continent of MU back into peace,
and clear it from the clenches of Kundun and his forces forever.
Official website:
Download: 221.71MB
Status: F2P

Rubies of Eventide

Description: The Rubies project is a community driven endeavor
and we welcome offers from any players who'd like to volunteer
their time into keeping this persistant world running.
Official website:
Download: 383.73MB
Status: F2P

Eternal Lands

Description: Eternal Lands is a free MMORPG (massively
multiplayer online role playing game) currently under development.
The game is now in Beta stage, but that doesn't mean it's incomplete.
It's currently fully playable and we are constantly working on
adding more things to do, more items to make, monsters to fight,
and also improving the current systems. If you want to help
us in any way, take a look in our forums and there you can
post your ideas/suggestions, or perhaps even get involved
with programming or mapmaking which we can always use help with!
Official website:
Download: 29MB
Status: F2P