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Description: NCsoft’s Team Beam puts you in command of a
Mechanaught – a powerful bipedal walking war machine. On Exteel’s
futuristic battlegrounds, these giant robots are the key to ultimate

Choose a high-speed, light-weight model, wielding dual-blades, or
choose a lumbering heavy-weight unit armed with a devastatin
siege cannon. Create your own devastating Mechanaught using
thousands of parts and weapons in almost unlimited combinations!
Official website:
Download: 429MB
Status: F2P



Description: A number of people with similiar base arrangement
to wolves' have been discovered in the process of antidoting DNA of
mankind in the near futre.

Many of them are found mainly among people with superb physical performance like athletes or mercenaries and they have prominently
shorter life spans than others have.

A multinational medicine-manufactring conglomerate "Pifen" which
developed a new medicine "Epoxyn" for a disease
"Diewolf syndrome", also develops "Anti-Epoxyn" that has
opposite effect in profound secrecy and supplies to the French

The French military then establishes a special force
called the "WolfTeam", also known as the 2nd foreign
legion, recruiting units aiming worldwide...
Official website:
Download: 211MB
Status: F2P

CellFactor: Revolution

CellFactor: Revolution

Description: After a series of cataclysmic events, the planet is now dominated by a massive corporate superpower kown as the LIMBO Corporation. LIMBO's sole purpose is to advance technology in
new ways, regardless of the human cost. This pursuit of
technology led LIMBO to maintain control over what
remains of the human race through the development of
an advanced army of super-powered soldiers, some of
which possess a new kind of telekinetic ability that LIMBO
calls PSI powers. In CellFactor: Revolution you'll battle on
both sides of the war between LIMBO Corporation and the
human resistance, kown as GUARD. GUARD has hijacked
some of LIMBO's technology in order to create its own
warriors. The game takes place across five unique
landscapes controlled by LIMBO Corporation - each
with environmental hazards and distinct opportunities
for unexpected attacks.
Official website:
Download: 910MB
Status: F2P


Description: Purge is a persistent, multiplayer online,
FPS/RPG hybrid powered by a highly modified Lithtech
Talon technology. Originally released in 2002, Purge was
designed to perform well on the average computer of the
day. Any modern PC today should be able to play Purge.
Freeform Interactive has now officially made Purge a
free game.

Note: Purge requires a registration key to unlock all the class.
This is completely and 100% free. There are no strings attached.
The key system is still necessary as a unique user identifier for
Purge to save your Role-Playing Game character stats on the
game servers. When you have installed Purge,
simply request a key. The keys are handled by
the Purge community now and not by Freeform Interactive.
Official website:
Download: 350.79MB
Status: F2P

Soldier Front

soldier front

Description: The militray FPS game "Soldier Front"
implements distinctive task force strategy found in
today's modern combat. With comprehensive research
from militray personnel in the film "Taeuki", Soldier
Front was developed to follow a soldier's perspective
in every aspect possible to create the most realistic
and unique experience anyone can have.
Official website:
Download: 240MB
Status: F2P

Savage: The Battle for Newerth


Description: Choose to be a commander and you will play an in-
depth RTS managing the stronghold, or choose to be a warrior and
you will play an intense game of first person combat. With the
creation of a new game play genre,
RTSS (Real Time Strategy Shooter), Savage expertly redefines the
first-person shooter and real-time strategy genres by combining
elements of both into one cohesive experience.
As the commander in RTS mode, you will tackle
resource management, develop a robust tech tree,
plan your assault and lead real human players into
battle. As a warrior in action mode, you will master
many unique weapons, powerful units, and siege vehicles
to fight a fast paced battle.

Set in a unique fantasy world eons from now where
Humans and Beasts battle violently for their very existence.
Savage transports PC gamers to the next
level in multi-player gaming. Choose to fight on the
side of HUMANITY, armed with science and
technology, or take the side of the BEAST HORDE,
masters of nature and magic. Each race has its own
style of battle, its own leader, and its own way to victory.
Which side are you on?
Official website:
Download: 350MB
Status: F2P

Alien Arena 2007

Description: What would happen if you took Quake 3 Arena,
UT, a few Martians, some weird robots and gadgets,
threw them in a blender and pressed the button?
You'd have Alien Arena, that's what!

AA2K7 is the latest version of a freeware online
deathmatch game that was first introduced to the public in October,
2004. Since that initial release, nearly every aspect of the game
has been revamped, in fact, much of the content and code
from the November 2005 release of Alien Arena 2006 has
been redone as well. It's like an entirely new game,
and it may shock people just how much it has
improved in less than a year's time. With 37 levels,
five modes of play, six mutators, built-in bots,
10 player characters,
8 weapons(with alt-fire modes), the game has an
endless supply of replayability.
With so many new features, AA2K7 is nearly an entirely
new game when held in comparison to it's predecessor.
With the trials and tribulations of software development,
endless hours of playing, gathering feedback,
COR Entertainment has been able to not only
fine tune and perfect it's flagship game,
but add completely new dimensions to it.

Using the CRX engine, which is based on the Id
GPL source code, AA2K7 now includes modern effects such as
real time shadows, lensflares, light blooms, reflective water,
textured particles, stainmaps, 32 bit color, shaders, fog,
and much more. Built into the game is a easy to use
server browser which allows the user to query
information about each server. A Q3 style console
has been added, as well as colored player names,
winner podiums, and weapons stats. The best thing
about the CRX engine however, is it's netcode and speed.
Even on a modest system, you will get excellent framerates,
and movement is still extremely smooth and fast,
even on high ping servers.

Bot AI has been improved with each release,
and for AA2K7, a number of improvements and
enhancements have been made. These bots are
among the most human acting bots in any game,
period, and also some of the toughest if you choose them to be.
They are fully configurable using an external editor,
and skill levels can be set in game.

Alien Arena is a fast paced, furious frag fest with
arenas ranging from the small, to the massive. With a large
built-in player base, it's never hard to find a good match going on,
at any hour of the day. The community is friendly,
as well as prolific. Dozens of maps, models,
and various accessories have been created by
community members to add on to the game experience.

New for AA2K7 is Team Core Assualtl, a mode in
which players must work together to disable
their enemy team's central metal spider.
Don't forget about the Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag,
Deathball, and All Out Assault mode
(in which players can enter vehicles) either.

What are you waiting for? Find out why this is being called
"The Ultimate Freeware Deathmatch Game"!
Official website:
Download: 170MB[Windows] 187MB[Linux]
Status: F2P

F.E.A.R. Combat

Description: Get ready for combat - F.E.A.R. COMBAT.
Join thousands of other gamers and get the entire
F.E.A.R multiplayer experience. Joining F.E.A.R
Combat is easy and free. Simply register for your
free CD-Key and download the free game files.
Official website:
Download: 1.77GB
Status: F2P

War Rock

Description: War Rock is a Free2PlayTM massively
multiplayer online, modern tactical first person shooter
(FPS) where players have the option to purchase a wide
variety of gameplay enhancing items, services, and products.

War Rocks Open Beta is slated for July, 2006. With the
games awesome, real-world, weapons, smooth and
intuitive controls, and a huge variety of battle-modes,
War Rock is a blast for FPS Pros as well as first timers.
Official website:
Download: 602MB
Status: F2P


Description: Welcome to the Nexuiz project website.
Nexuiz is a 3d deathmatch game project, created online
by a team of developers called Alientrap. It is available
for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux (all the same archive).
The first version was released May 31st 2005, released entirely
GPL and free over the net, a first for a project of its kind.
Official website:
Download: 190MB
Status: F2P


Description: Darsana is a combination of a fast paced first
person shooter, and a simplified statistics system along with strategies
that of an RPG. Darsana runs along the lines of a fantasy medieval
time including magic, bows, medieval melee weapons, and more!
You may pick between being a Knight, or join the ranks of the
Undead. It is solely multiplayer and meant for 5-30
people per server.
Official website:
Download: 55.69MB
Status: Beta

America's Army

Description: America’s Army is one of the five most popular
PC action games played online. It provides players with the most
authentic military experience available, from exploring the
development of Soldiers in individual and collective training to
their deployment in simulated missions in the War on Terror.
Official website:
Download: 2.5GB
Status: F2P


Description: Sauerbraten (a.k.a. Cube 2) is a
free multiplayer/singleplayer first person shooter,
built as a major redesign of the Cube FPS.

Much like the original Cube, the aim of this game is not
necessarily to produce the most features & eyecandy possible,
but rather to allow map/geometry editing to be done
dynamically in-game, to create fun gameplay and an
elegant engine.

The engine supporting the game is entirely original in
code & design, and its code is Open Source (ZLIB license,
read the docs for more on how you can use the engine).

In addition to the FPS game which is in a very playable
state, the engine is being used for an RPG which is in
the preproduction phase. Additionally, Proper
Games ltd are the first to use the engine commercially.
Official website:
Download: 88MB
Status: F2P

Kuma War

Description: Kuma\War turns headline news into an
entirely interactive experience in this free, first and third-
person tactical squad-based game. Continually updated to
reflect current, real-world conflicts, each playable episode
includes extensive mission background, free video news
shows, and exclusive insight from a decorated team of military
veterans. The Kuma\War installer gives you access to the
full library of characters, weapons, and more than
75 playable games. Plus, you'll get 2 additional Kuma\War
missions each month, upgraded games developed on the
highly-detailed and lightning-fast Source game engine,
entirely free of charge.
Official website:
Download: 273~879KB Installers
Status: F2P

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Description: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is a free, stand-alone,
downloadable multiplayer game in which players wage war as
Axis or Allies in team-based combat.

In Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Axis and Alied teams do battle in
traditional single scenarios, or wage war through a series of linked
secenarios in a totally new campaign mode. During combat players
gain experience and skill, and through battlefield promotions are
awarded additional abilities that remain classes like the
Cover Ops as well as an enhanced Engineer allow teams
to perform reconnaissance, steal enemy uniforms, and
construct battlefield structures and millitary installations
in the game modes, maps and communication abilities
require players and teams to develop advanced strategies
and tactics in the struggle for front line domination.
Official website:
Download: 257.8MB[Windows] / 258.4MB[Linux]
Status: F2P


Description:Tremulous is a free, open source game that blends
a team based FPS with elements of an RTS. Players can choose
from 2 unique races, aliens and humans. Players on both teams
are able to build working structures in-game like an RTS. These
structures provide many functions, the most important being
spawning. The designated builders must ensure there are
spawn structures or other players will not be able to rejoin the
game after death. Other structures provide automated base
defense (to some degree), healing functions and much more...

Player advancement is different depending on which team
you are on. As a human, players are rewarded with credits
for each alien kill. These credits may be used to purchase
new weapons and upgrades from the "Armoury". The alien
team advances quite differently. Upon killing a human foe,
the alien is able to evolve into a new class. The more kills
gained the more powerful the classes available.

The overall objective behind Tremulous is to eliminate the
opposing team. This is achieved by not only killing the
opposing players but also removing their ability to respawn
by destroying their spawn structures.
Official website:
Download: 95.6MB[Windows] / 101MB[Linux]
Status: F2P

Counter Strike 1.6

Description: Counter-Strike 1.6 is a MOD for Half-Life that is
set in a teamplay mode.

Steam is Valve's new way of getting games into your hands ASAP.
Games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Counter-Strike
Condition Zero are all being made available through Steam.

Steam games are automatically kept up-to-date with the latest
content and revisions. Steam also includes an instant-message
client which even works while you're in-game.

At its core, Steam is a distributed file system and shared
set of technology components that can be implemented
into any software application.


· Play the latest Valve games (like Counter-Strike 1.6 )
· Get automatic updates (no more patching!)
· Chat with friends, even while you play
· Find the best servers & find your friends' games
· Receive Steam-Only special offers
Official website: N/A
Download: 379MB
Status: F2P

Starsiege: Tribes

Description: To celebrate the upcoming release of Tribes:
Vengeance, Vivendi Universal Games and FilePlanet have
partnered to bring you a free download of the award winning
PC action game Starsiege: Tribes.
Official website: N/A
Download: 135.7MB
Status: F2P

Dispatch of Army

Description: Dispatch of Army is a Massively Multiplayer
Online First Person Shooter that delivers the kill-or-be-killed
experience in the combat environment of the 60s. The game
features 3 game modes which provide even the most hardcore
gamer with palm sweating challenges through detailed jungle
and urban warfare. As a soldier, players will take their fates in
their hands, battling against up to 32 other players online in an
action-packed, frag-filled maps. Dispatch of Army thrust
gamers in a fast-paced, bloody, action-packed combat
environment as a soldier defending their country's philosophy.
With the latest technology, players go against up to 32 to other
players in a map.
Official website:
Download: 175.95 MB
Status: F2P/P2P for additional features

D-Day Normandy

d-day normandy

Description: D-Day Normandy is a Quake2 Total
Conversion that brings the sting of battle to you from
World War II. You do NOT need to own Quake2 to play,
there is a free standalone version on the files page. D-Day development began in 1998 and provided the first
gameplay of this type in this now popular genre.
D-Day modifies the engine to the point where you
do not even realize it is quake2 anymore.
Official website:
Download: 49MB
Status: F2P

Control Monger

Description: In an age of death and destruction, where
love, life and happiness have no meaning, there is a world
where mankind has been pushed to its limits and the only
thing that matters is total control. The quest for riches has
changed the universe into a shattered and battle-torn
arena of combat. Society has been diminished into nothing
more than combat units blasting across the countrysides
destroying everything that stands in their path.

The wars has been going on for so long that everyone has
forgotten about the riches, and the combat itself has become
a way of life. Valuable things have lost their attraction
and the control of human life has become the new form
of value. If you have something you want then you
just take it, who needs money when you have power?
Armed with huge mechanical pods of carnage,
this never-ending battle rages on between the
two great houses of the land.

Will you fight on the side of the great house Khan and
their empire built on the galactic gold trade OR will you
pick to fight on the side of House Lo in their fleet of
bots built off the riches of silver. No matter what
side you're on, you will need to buckle your seat
belt and hold on for your life. It's kill or be killed
in this ultimate quest for control.

Do you have what it takes to crush your enemies
while you laugh in the face of death? Many have
tried and they have all died! Will you be next to
rule the world? Will you be the..........Control Monger!?
Official website:
Download: 45MB
Status: F2P

Realm Wars

Description: Realm Wars is a community project
that is currently being developed with the use of the
popular Torque Game Engine available from Garage

The game itself is a fantasy themed first person style
action game that emphasises massive team combat
on an epic scale. Players can choose a race, customize
your abilities and your appearance with an impressive
array of weapons, armor and items -- then prepare
for battle!

Become a master of ranged or close quarters weapons
as you join into a vast world of simple team based
skirmishes, controlled battles, or epic wars.
Official website:
Download: 18.3MB[Windows] 18.4MB[Mac]
Status: F2P