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Infinity (Europe)

Description: Infinity is a frantic free-to-play multiplayer online game. Enter the fray with your favourite warrior and guide your guards against other players or side by side with your friends in the cooperative mode.

Infinity is focused on hack-and-slash action, an exciting fantasy setting and a good choice of customizable warriors.

Developed by Windysoft, this title and its challenging missions will fulfil the need of any adrenaline addicted gamer!
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Download: 428MB
Status: F2P


Description: Classless character system.
Want to play as a warrior one match, a healer the next and then try being a caster? No problem! Mix and match your abilities with FURY's classless character system and play your character with the skills you want, not what we think a certain class should have.

Your Skill is greater than your opponents ability to play for 12 hours a day
In FURY your skill and ability choice will win you victory, not the amount of time you have to play every day.

Fast paced combat
Forget everything you have seen in an MMO before as FURY is fast action combat, the fusion between an MMO and an FPS.

Strength in depth
FURY is fast but it also requires strategy. Ability selection and learning to manipulate your opponents and counter their attacks will need fast thought as well as fast fingers.

Ph@t l00t
A random equipment system with 10 tiers of armor and weapons, with each tier able to have unique and legendary items means that there are millions of items available. Which will you choose? The best stats or the best looking armor and weapons?

Death Blows
Reduce your opponent to 30% or 15% health and unleash a humiliating, one shot death blow on them. Gruesome and satisfying!

Statistics and Ladders
See the best players and know who to watch out for with FURY's comprehensive ladders and statistics website at
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Official website:
Download: 2.6GB
Status: F2P

Rumble Fighter

Description: Rumble fighter allows a maximum of 8 players to battle it out in simultaneous, multiplayer action. Basic offensive attacks include hitting, throwing, and blocking, with advanced attacks such as combo attacks and counterattacks. The newly introduced "ExoCore" skill system will allow players to experience much more dynamic action through the ability to transform and morph.
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Download: 289MB
Status: F2P


Description: BOTS (Bots of Unlimited Transformation) is a one-of-a-kind multiplayer online action game that all ages can enjoy.
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Download: 355MB
Status: F2P

Space Cowboy: Episode II

Description: Space Cowboy Online is an action based Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) 3D Space Shooter. In Space Cowboy Online, players can pilot their own space fighter ships (Gears) on an imaginary planet and upgrade skills or the Gear itself.

• 3D Space Shooting MMO

In Space Cowboy, gamers have full control over the Gear's control making it very different from the traditional RPG's mouse click control method. This is a game based on Role-Playing Game (RPG) level concepts, but the fun and action of a First Person Shooter (FPS).

• Diverse Selection of Fighting Gears

There are 4 kinds of Gears available to choose from, with each Gear having it's individual unique characteristics. These characteristics differ in skill and items giving the player the opportunity to choose which items to equip to suit the player's preferences. Gears can be upgraded to change color, performance, weapons, and so on in order to satisfy the gamer's growth of the character.

• Battle Formation/Brigade System

A formation system is possible that is similar to the generic party concept of a Role-Playing Game. There can be a maximum of 6 players in a formation (triangle formation, reverse triangle formation, X form formation, etc.) dependant on the formation leader at the center of the formation during battle. The performance of the formation depends on the player's ability to work together and different formations require different skills and playing styles.

In addition to the formation, there is a brigade concept that is the equivalent to the guild term from other Massive Multiplayer Online games. A brigade can consist of 40 members, and have a specific brigade mark specified by the brigade leader to identify the brigade.

• Battle/Large-Scale Battle

Space Cowboy Online has an intense battle system including Player vs Environment (PVE) and Player vs Player (PVP) elements. PVE elements are used for standard leveling from experience points, while PVP elements can be seen through 1 on 1 battles, formation (party) battles, and even brigade battles. As opposing nations exist, there will be large scale nation wars throughout the game servers resulting in a possibility of occupying enemy forces and increasing profits for ones own nation. The 3-D aerial and ground battles will bring a whole new experience to the user.

• Mission

A large number of missions are available which bring the storyline into perspective depending on the player's chosen nation and have it's share of rewards.

• Voice Communication System

When a headphone and microphone are in hand, 1 on 1, formation, and brigade voice communication options are possible. Using voice communication will make interaction between the users easier and more personal than just the text form of communication, as well as giving a method of communicating while the gamer can continue to be focused on their game control. Using voice communication within Space Cowboy Online will help organize strategy in large-scale battle, and missions where many people can join in.
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Download: 983MB
Status: F2P

GunZ: The Duel

Description: Have you ever dreamt of becoming a cool character or hero, like you see in movies, animations, and games?

GunZ is an online game that enables you to realize such a dream! GunZ is not your ordinary gunz fighting game. It allows you to imitate a famous hero, create your own fashion style, and perform a number of different actions such as shooting or stabbing whilst running and jumping on the walls.

What makes GunZ ever better than other games is the fact that the game is available online to all users! In addition, GunZ is 100% FREE to play.
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Download: 133.4 MB
Status: F2P


Description: The game focuses on intense sword on sword battles with RPG style characters and settings, along with strategic battle plans to provide the ultimate battle experience.
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Download: 252MB
Status: F2P

Blitz 1941

Description: Blitz 1941 is an online-based Full-3D tank simulation based on the German-Soviet conflict during World War II. You can shoot, operate a tank, fight against other players, and occupy the enemy’s cities, using the mouse intuitively. In Blitz 1941, a maximum of 3000 players per server can engage in combat operations at the same time. This means players can be a part of a large-scale tank combat operation.

In Blitz 1941, there are around 60 different kinds of tanks. These tanks were all used by the German and Russian armies during World War II. If you gain a victory against your opponents, you will get Exp. bonus, contribution, and money, and can promote a tank commander character (an avatar). You can also gain a combat skill, and purchase stronger tanks to increase your ranking in your country. You can buy reinforcing parts for your tanks. Unlike simple P2P games, where a player creates a room and plays against another player, Blitz 1941 allows you to easily enter and exit an ‘international battlefield (composed of 15 cities in Europe) in real time’ and places you into tense combat against other players to occupy a city. The winner can occupy the city and have the advantage of an economy area and supply of materials.

Since you can also improve your own tank with reinforced parts, your tank can be more effective in combat and have different characteristics from other players’ tanks. While you need to operate your tank properly and shoot for a direct hit in one-to-one combat, you should try to make strategies to cooperate with other friendly tank units in large-scale tank combat, where around 200 tanks are simultaneously used in combat operations.
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Download: 157MB
Status: F2P

Ray Crash

Description: Ray Crash is a new action game where users could battle people all over the world and try to be the best. Ray Crash allows user customizable robots to do battle in several arenas in space and in cities in the near future. Be warned though, this is not your typical hack and slash game. This is a game where strategy actually plays a part in helping you win.
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Download: 158MB
Status: Free 30 days trial

Survival Project

Description: Survival Project is an “Online Action Network Game” where you battle other players online in real-time.

The game is catered towards Casual Gamers, with a low-skill entry level, but mastering the game is a different matter altogether. Hardcore gamers will enjoy the complexity and difficulty levels that open up as the game progresses.

Survival Project offers 8 modes of play with different objectives. Every mode has 8 distinct environments and effects

Players can choose from among 8 different cute characters with distinct weapons and abilities. Players can be divided into 2 to 4 teams and will be able to execute various strategies and tactics by manipulating the advantages gained from environmental conditions and various items.

The multitude of in-game items, character types and player-skills will be the deciding factor in determining winners and losers. Items are upgradeable and tradable, and employ a rental system for acquisition.

Survival Project adopts a successful real time action formula for its gameplay, which ensures an experience where players can enjoy thrilling and engaging battles. It also incorporates various systems such as the Guild and the Benefactor system to allow for fair communities of players in the game
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Download: 210MB
Status: F2P